Hello All.


I have been a serious amateur photographer for over 30 years. In that time I have done everything from photographic expeditions all around the world to undertaking the photography at weddings for family members. Over the years my main concentration of work has been on Landscape photography and these days concentrate mainly on my local area around the beautiful south-west Oxfordshire and Wiltshire countryside. I travel extensively all over the UK, and indeed other countries, taking photographs of our beautiful world.


I have used a number of cameras over the years including both 35mm and Medium Format film cameras and since the age of digital, APS-C crop, 35mm Full Frame FX and more recently Medium Format equivalent digital.


Unfortunately with a very common name, in the photography world anyway, I use the inclusion of my middle initial to differentiate my work.




If anyone would like to purchase prints of any of my work I am happy to oblige. I have a professional Epson A3 printer that uses pigment ink that lasts many years without fading in normal display conditions. Please use the contact from to request information about print sales.

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