The Wood. April 2016.
The Statue. April 2016
Wood. April 2016
Chatting Trees. April 2016
The Bottom. April 2016
The Walkway. May 2016
The Splits. June 2016.
Moss Colour. March 2016.
The Fern. Close-up of a fern on the Estate. June 2016
The Arched View. A scene from the edge of the Asdown House woods. July 2016
Soft Cow Parley. July 2016
A colourful sunset on the edge of the Ashdown Estate. July 2016.
Goosegrass. July 2016.
Trees. A view into the density of Oak trees. July 2016
Feathered Light. An arch of light coming through the trees onto the colourful ferns. October 2016
Veins. A view through trees showing the colour of Autumn. November 2016
Through the Light. Backlit showing off the Autumn leaves. November 2016
Golden. A lovely silhouette. November 2016
Shine. The sun captured low against the Autumnal ferns. November 2016
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